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Intake Process and  Fee Schedule

Step 1:  Phone Consult

I offer a free of charge phone chat to learn more about your needs  and how I can best be of help. 

Step 2:  Initial Intake   

I  conduct an Executive Function Skills Intake assessing aptitudes in each of the 12 executive function skill areas. Based on the strengths and challenges we identify, collaboratively, I create a personal proposed Plan of Action, which is emailed to you following the Intake. 


Plan on at least 1.5 hours for this initial intake session. 

In Person Intake in your home: $290

Zoom Intake: $240


Step 3: Executive Function Coaching Individual Sessions 


Session fee is $150 per hour.

One session can also be broken into 2 - 30 minute sessions weekly, for those who want more coaching contact time. 

Individual sessions are via Zoom 

I am limiting my in person sessions to Intakes only. 

The success of my coaching is the depth of my support with optional unlimited contact throughout the week: texting or quick phone check ins. My support is most effective within context, in the moment, when you are DOing!







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