Process and  Fees

Step 1:  Phone Consult

I offer a free of charge phone chat to learn more about your needs  and how I can best be of help. 

Step 2:  Initial Intake    $240

We meet in person and during that time I  conduct an Executive Function Skills Interview assessing aptitudes in each of the 11 executive function skill areas. Based on the strengths and challenges we identify, we create a personal plan of action for you. Plan on at least 1.5 hours for this initial intake session. 


Step 3: Executive Function Coaching  Individual Sessions    $125 to $175 per hour

Individual sessions are typically an hour in length. Face to face sessions are held in your home, office or a comfortable location of your choice. I also meet with clients remotely. We customize the frequency and duration of sessions to your specific needs.  Hourly fees are a function of the location, frequency and duration of sessions. 

Additional Services:

Individualized Math or Sciences Tutoring

Zoom Sessions - Evenings

by Sydney Bright

     MS - Biomedical Engineer

Hour Session: $85