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Intake Process 

Phone Consult

I offer a free of charge phone chat to learn more about your needs  and how I can best be of help. 


I  conduct an Executive Function Skills Intake assessing aptitudes in each of the 12 executive function skill areas, exploring your unique ADHD qualities and how they both compliment and impact your life. 


Based on the strengths and challenges we collaboratively  identify, I create a personal proposed Plan of Action, which is emailed to you. The proposed Plan of Action includes my recommendations for intensity and frequency of support, along with a Fee Schedule complimenting that support.    

Plan on at least 1.5 hours for this initial Intake. 

In Person Intake: $300 if close in Portland SW/NW

Zoom Intake: $275

My Coaching Fee is $150 - $200 an hour, depending on support needs. 


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