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It has been an absolute honor to work with so many wonderful clients and families over the years...


"Not only is Karin extremely efficient and accountable, she is so very caring and compassionate to my needs. She has changed my life and given me practical tools in order to navigate my busy life. My stress and anxiety has become manageable! I approach my daily tasks and demands of work differently. Karin says she is available anytime if you reach out, and it is true!"

flexible and compassionate

"Karin is a miracle worker! She is sharp and resourceful as she dove right into my life to get not only my home space organized, but my life as well. She shows compassion and her guidance is realistic and consistent. I have gained so much knowledge and now have some concrete skills to use."

dedicated and thorough

"Not to be too dramatic but Karin is a 'lifesaver'. When our family was at the end-of-the-rope over homework and how to help our kiddo, Karin came into our life with all her positive energy. She  helped our daughter design a plan for her homework and studies. Everything was laid out on a calendar for our daughter to reference and for the parents to follow along. She shared structural concepts on how to keep track of ideas for a paper and how to stay on point, plus effective study ideas to make the most of a tired brain and a big work-load. All this  great information was mixed with lots of positive reinforcement and extreme patience, exactly what is needed for a struggling student. Karin is helping to develop life-long habits for a positive study/work practice. Thank you Karin."

success oriented and consistent

"Karin is an excellent communicator and facilitator, compassionate, organized, and holds the care and well being of the child and family above all else. In the times that we saw her interact with our sons we were always impressed with her ease, her positive attitude, and her creativity. We feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Karin and to know her as a person and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her support, experience and guidance to others."

open, clear, and candid with a loving heart

"Karin Bright has been a god send for our family. Karin is professional, resourceful and treated our student with respect, kindness and empathy. We saw huge improvements in our student's habits, organization and grades. Our family's stress levels ratcheted down quite a bit; we could rely on Karin to navigate issues and challenges and communicate frequently with our student and with us.

Karin has a wealth of methods and tools resources that she tailors to each student's needs. She also knows the teen brain and teen emotions and how those affect learning and performance. She takes into account "the whole person." This remarkable combination of warmth, expertise and firm guidance meant our student learned new ways of thinking and produced successes that we could see almost daily."

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