I am so excited you are here! 

There is so much self discovery ahead for you. Most likely you, or someone you dearly love, is challenged by ADHD and struggling. My life's work is coaching with compassion and a deep understanding of the impacts of executive function challenges ways to work through them for a stronger skill set and balanced life. 

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My Story


My coaching is action based, meaning that I focus on the DO-ing. Change happens over time, in small increments. With support in the DO-ing, one can actually build and strengthen executive functions, replacing old patterns of behavior that interfere with success









I have a passion for those challenged by executive function skills. I came into this work as a result of serving as a Speech and Language Pathologist for 28 years, working with students and families navigate the school system. This was way before the term executive functioning was even used in the mainstream. I discovered that the executive functions had to be addressed at home and in life, that it was not confined to school. So, I took a leap and went into private practice in 2014 and began working with school age students and adults struggling with executive functions. Most of my clients have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Many experience extreme anxiety, stress and depression. ALL have amazing super powers that they do not even exist and if they are aware of such, they lack the confidence to really believe they exist. 

I spend years working in schools, in client's homes and also meeting clients in their work place or local coffee shop. My coaching is hands on and within context, so it was so natural for me to move right into one's life to help build executive function skills. 

Covid, launched me into a completely new method of coaching. I know longer run around the city to see my clients, but I am even more effective in seeing them in the moments of their lives when they need help, through Zoom and other technologies. I now am able to work with clients throughout the United States as well.

For those of you who are just exploring Executive Functioning and wondering what it is. I can share with you the following: 

Executive function skills are a set of mental processes that help connect past experiences with present actions.

People use them to perform activities such as planning, organizing, prioritizing, paying attention to and remembering details, as well as managing time and space. If a person has trouble with executive functions, these things are more difficult to execute in school, in the workplace, and at home.  Executive function challenges are also impacted by emotional dysregulation. Those with ADHD often experience a higher degree of executive functioning challenges. This can create a high level of shame, anxiety and depression. There may be confusion why tasks are so easy for some, yet difficult for others like themselves. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.