What is Executive Functioning?


Executive functions are the set of skills

that serve as the command center of the brain. They are frontal lobe cognitive skills that develop over time from childhood through young adulthood. 


Executive functioning skills can most

simply be described as the ability to:

- Manage Time and Attention

- Set Goals

- Plan and Organize

- Switch Focus

- Adjust and Refocus

- Attend to Details

- Develop Timelines

- Complete Tasks Efficiently      

- Manage Stress and Anxiety

- Collaborate Effectively

- Maintain Clutter-Free Space

- Control and Regulate Behavior:

  Attention,  Emotion, and Motivation


Executive function skills are developed

by creating changes in systems and

routines over time, further reinforced

by positive experiences and feedback.  





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Karin Bright

Executive Function Coach

Portland, Oregon           

"Karin is an excellent communicator and facilitator, compassionate, organized, and holds the care and well being of the child and family above all else. In the times that we saw her interact with our sons we were always impressed with her ease, her positive attitude, and her creativity. We feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Karin and to know her as a person and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her support, experience and guidance to others."

extremely dedicated and 



Wow, you are SO good at what you do - your ability to tune into kids - to intuit who she is and exactly the steps to help her feel confidence that indeed she can do this! And when she begins to feel relief and success - she will hold onto that for the rest of her life...I feel so fortunate to have met you. Yeah!"