Downsize. Organize. Design.



We are passionate about helping those who wish to live by the motto: Less is More.


Downsizing has many meanings, and can be difficult to do on your own. It may mean that you are moving from a larger home to a smaller home, cleaning out clutter in a specific room in your home, or transitioning into a retirement community. Treasures are gathered throughout life holding memories and sentiment, making it difficult to part with them.


Organizing encompasses the vast realm of organizing thoughts in your mind to organizing the “stuff” in your life. From the tiniest of drawers and closets, to the largest of rooms and garages, how we organize, keep track and maintain our “stuff”, helps us navigate efficiently through daily life.


Designing creates the aesthetic qualities that nurture our senses. It may be the design of your wardrobe and how items compliment one another, the way furniture is arranged in a given room, or how kitchen drawers and cupboards are arranged.


As an Executive Function Coach for many years, I have delighted in the opportunity to create systems and routines to streamline daily living and spaces. My DOD partner, Debbie, and I come to you with the 3 elements in mind as we begin our work with you: Downsize, Organize and Design.


Debbie is a Graphic Designer by trade. She has spent her career conceptualizing and creating for her clients. She has a keen sense of balance, color, and style which can be applied to home and wardrobe. Debbie and I compliment one another. We share compassion for others, work together to listen to your personal goals, and stand side-by-side as we create the magic of your space.


Debbie and I provide a personal, complimentary visit to your home to discover how we can be of assistance to you. Following our visit and establishing a set of collaborative goals, we will create a proposal outlining a plan of action and cost estimate.